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For getting weekly bitumen price, fill out following form:

Quotation Form
MQO for T/T is 200MTs and for L/C is 500MTS
We accept just African countries inquiries for bitumen products

How to fill out this form?

This instruction is for helping you to fill out this form for the best assistance of Bitumen Export Group.

  • The fields with asterisk sign must fill out.
  • Having your mobile number and your favourite Apps info can help us for future business communications.
  • Before submitting inquiry, check your email ID for prevention of mistyping.
  • Bitumen grade means the type of bitumen you are looking for.
  • Quantity should be for one time order, not annual.
  • We accept different payment methods, choose a payment that is suitable for you.
  • Destination port should be filled with a name of cargo terminal port in country that you expect your bitumen order transport there.
  • Having your bitumen price idea (target price) would assist us for matching your requirment with our refineries.

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