Bulk LPG Supplier: Propane & Butane Price

Bulk LPG supplier

liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (also referred to as LPG, LP Gas) is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases predominantly Butane (C4) & Propane (C3). A bulk LPG supplier for making a quotation should know about LPG buyer mixture requirement of these two gas elements.

LPG Gas has unique characteristics that make it a useful and portable fuel. At normal temperature and pressure it is a gas but in a vessel under modest pressure it becomes a liquid. Varieties of LPG bought and sold include mixes that are primarily Propane or mixes that are primarily Butane.

LPG evaporates at normal temperatures and pressures. LPG is heavier than air and thus tends to settle in low spots, such as basements. This can cause ignition or suffocation hazards if not dealt with.

LPG has a higher calorific value than natural gas and thus cannot be substituted for natural gas. In order to allow the use of the same burner controls and to provide for similar combustion characteristics, LPG can be mixed with air to produce a synthetic natural gas (SNG) that can be easily substituted. LPG/air mixing ratios average 60/40, through this is widely variable based on the gases making up the LPG. The method for determining the mixing ratios is by calculating the Wobbe index of the mix.

The international standard is EN 589.


Propane 40 – 50% vol ASTM D-2163
Butane 60 – 50% vol ASTM D-2163
Pentane & Heavier 2.0% vol ASTM D-2163
Hydrogen Sulfide None ASTM D-5504-94
Total Sulphar 20ppm wt max ASTM D-5004-94
Copper Strip Corrosion No. 1 max ASTM D-1838
Free or Contained Water None Visual
Specific Gravity 0.545
Vapour Pressure
110-125 psig
Typical Value Gross Heating Value 2835 BTU/SCFT Not established by test
Typical Value Net Heating Valuer 2610 BTU/SCFT calculated approximate value

Saudi Aramco LPG Prices per Metric Tone (C4 50% - C3 50%)

  • Butane (USD)
  • Propane (USD)

LPG Purchase FAQ

How can a buyer begin an LPG purchase negotiation?

We require verifiable buyer’s company profile plus a complete LOI for beginning an LPG purchase negotiation.

What is quantity for an LPG order?

For a bulk purchase of LPG the quantity is at least 44,000MTs which will be carried by VLGC.

Which Platt is using for LPG calculation price?

Our LPG price assessment is base on Saudi ARAMCO Platt for all LPG products of Middle East.

Which incoterms an LPG order could be supplied?

Both FOB and CIF are our acceptable Incoterms for supplying an LPG order.