Bitumen Export Group, Petroleum Activities

Crude Oil

We offtake crude oil from producers of all sizes and manage its trading, storing, financing and supply to counterparties and clients.


We are producers and suppliers of high quality bitumen which has the highest standard for road construction projects.

Diesel Fuels

We are direct to diesel fuels suppliers who are capable to supply diesel fuel based on your demands.

Aviation Jet Fuels

We can source and supply jet fuels to “commercial airline” and general aviation customers worldwide.

Bunker Fuel Oil

We supply and source bunker fuel oil (IFO380) from Middle East suppliers with competitive price.


We supply and sourcing bulk liquid petroleum gas (LPG) based on FOB and CIF.

Bitumen Export GroupYour Reliable Crude Oil & Refined Petroleum Products Supplier!


Bitumen Export Group, is Crude Oil & Refined Petroleum Products Supplier .

After years of supplying bitumen to road contractors for road construction projects around the world, due to the high volume of inquiries for other petroleum products such as crude oil, diesel fuels, naphtha, jet fuels, and LPG we have extended our business activities from just bitumen to other petroleum products.


We are able to source crude oil (different origins), jet fuels (Jet A1), diesel fuels, fuel oil (IFO380, Mazut M100)

We are able to source petrochemical products like polyethylene (different grades of LLDPE & HDPE)

Yes, but after transparency on buyer through received documents like buyer’s company profile or KYC form.

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