Bitumen Export Group (BXG)


Bitumen/Asphalt suppliers of Penetration Bitumen 60-70, 80-100, 85-100, 40-50 & Cutback bitumen.


Producing high quality penetration and viscosity bitumen grades for road constraction based on international standards is our main achievement, also our trading department supply other petroleum and petrochemical products. (Crude oil and its derivations:Diesel fuels, Jet fuels, Bunker fuel oil, Extract Rubber Process Oil (RPO) - Slack Wax, Paraffin, Gasoline, Sulfur, Methanol from world renown refineries and suppliers.)



Our oil products are supplied with SGS product inspection and similar quality certification services to ensure maximum quality and transaction security to our customers.


Through deeply established, diverse and enduring connections with the most reputable and competitive primary producers in The Middle East, Europe, USA ; we are able to provide high-grade products at a price that is fair, yet reflects the quality and high standard of the materials and the rigidly regulated manufacturing process. For offering better price we consider nearest suppliers to buyer location to save supplying time and freight costs; for instance our European customers can ask their offer by European bitumen suppliers that are our partners.


Factors such as the true quality of oil products, the additional packaging costs, rogue suppliers mixing filler material for profit and the volatile oil markets impinge on your bottom line. We move fluidly with the current market and navigates emerging trends in order to deliver the best possible result.





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